Sunday, July 08, 2018

End of trip July 5th

We had lunch at the Nelson Creamery across the Mississippi in Nelson, WI. Very good lunch and the have a great choice of different WI cheese. 

As our bus was leaving Nelson Creamery the window next to Ted and my seat shattered and started to crumble. The driver of the bus tried putting plastic over the opening but then changed to cardboard, since we did have a 60+ mile trip back to Rochester. As the driver was putting the cardboard over the window he fell off the latter and cut his arm on the glass that was left in the window opening. The driver was taken to the hospital and returned with 14 stitches. Our group spent about two hours in a Wahasba park waiting for a replacement driver...tho our original driver did return. Just another day on our "Northern Adventure"

Covered bridge near Lake City, MN, which we could see from our bus on our return trip to Rochester.

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