Saturday, October 14, 2006

A great time was had by all at Minacapelli's Dinner Playhouse in Slidell, La. An original work by James Hartman "Playing Possum", a delightful comedy was performed. Our group was made up of Titanium 5th wheel owners from throughout the USA & Canada. Posted by Picasa

Titanium rally group inside Minacapelli's Dinner Playhouse before the theatre's outstanding meal was served. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Titanium rally group who volunteered to help Habitat during the week of the rally in Bay St louis, MS. The Habitat homes are located in an area completely devistated by Katrina. Habitat plans to build over 100 homes in the coastal areas effected by hurricane Katrina. Posted by Picasa

Habitat for Humanity is building 10 new homes in Bay St Louis Mississippi with the help of Americorp volunteers, the new homeowners & other volunteers like the Titanium Rally Group. Posted by Picasa

This seems to be the motto of most of the people we met in the Bay Saint Louis area - JUST DO IT - Again.. start rebuilding. Jan spotted this little shop that sold wind socks and other goodies so we stopped to check it out. Posted by Picasa

This is a look across the bay towards Gulfport, MS from the Bay Saint Louis beach side. You can see the start of the bridge rebuilding project. Posted by Picasa

This stately home is probably beyond repair. It overlooks what was the bridge leaving from Bay Saint Louis to Gulfport, MS. The bridge was completely destroyed and is closed as of Oct 06. Now it's a 40+ mile trip to Gulfport instead of a 20 mile crossing. Posted by Picasa

Another casualty of Katrina. This house was two hundred yards inland and about 300 yards from the ocean and although built up 25 feet above the ground on steel pilings, the 140 mile per hour winds just blew it apart. Note the oak trees that survived but all the pine trees were blown over. Posted by Picasa

We took a drive along Beach Road in Waveland, MS and saw some of the lingering results of Hurricane Katrina. Photo taken on the two land road looking landward. The beach/ocean was 100 yards behnd us.  Posted by Picasa

Inside the Museum, we met this lady taking a stroll inside a space suite. From the look on her face she seems to be having a nice time. Posted by Picasa

This is the John C. Stennis NASA Space Center in Mississippi - about 30 miles east of New Orleans. Here they test the rocket engines before they go to Cape Canavaral for future launches. This is the main test launch site. We visited this site on 12 Oct 06 Posted by Picasa