Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Visit from a Rocky Mountain neighbor



Walked out our door this afternoon and Mr Moose was right in front of our RV. He had decided that our yard was a good place for an afternoon snack. So far have seen moose, elk and fox in the campground.
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

One Lonely Red Sox Fan

  Nobody wanted to sit with this guy wearing a Red Sox hat. Can't understand - Rockies vs Marlins, National League Ball park. What's the deal?
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Pre Game Shots at Coors Field

We're outside Coors Field heading to the Will-Call window to get the tickets that Joe got for us. Here's another photo of Joe at the office - tough job but someone has to do it otherwise you can't see the game on TV or on the Jumbotron ( that's the big screen inside the park ) and of course more of the Rockies fans - Colby and Kari.
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Family Events




While staying at Gerry and Jean's we did the usual family get togethers. The dinner scene photo was at Murphy's in the Boulder area and then Joe was nice to get us free tickets to see where he works and to watch the Colorado Rockies play Florida Marlins. We had great seats on the top tier of the park right behind home plate. We did have some fans who sat behing us and kept annoying Jan and I - kept intruding on our photos. The guy behind the big camera is Joe. Thanks Joe.
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View from the Leverentz CG


Arrived at Gerry & Jean's house ( CG ) on 5 May and this is the view of the front range and snow capped Rockies from their house. We're here until we head up to Grand Lake on the 15th for the summer.
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