Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 Macdill Famcamp

Ed deep fried two turkeys for the group...

Everyone brought a dish to share....

Had a wide variety of dishes and everything tasted great!

Above is photo sent to us by our friends, the Deans, in Grand Lake, CO. View from their porch up the hill of our Summer site on Thanksgiving morning 2015.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Louis Prima Jr. and The Witnesses at "On Top of the World", Ocala

Another great concert a Circle Square Cultural Center at "On Top of the World" Communities in Ocala, FL

Louis Prima Jr, is the son of the late Louis Prima,  American showman and trumpeter who  began entertaining in the late 1920's. Louis Prima Jr continues the tradition of his Dad's high energy  New Orleans style jazz band.

Their sound is: upbeat, jazz, big band sound, feel-good, snappy, with a little rock and roll....

We met Louis's cousin, Frankie, who drove up from Tampa to see the show.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

La Segunda Central Bakery, Ybor City, FL

Stopped at one of our Tampa favorites, La Segunda Bakery, yesterday. 

Since our last visit the bakery has been remodeled, but still has the best Cubans, pastries and Cuban bread.

The place is always take a number! If you want a Cuban sandwich get there before 2 PM....

Friday, November 13, 2015

Wat Mongkolratanaram Buddhist Temple of Florida

 Wat Mongkolratanaram is a Buddhist Thai temple on the bank of the Palm River in Tampa, Florida. It is known for its Sunday food market. The temple is located at 5306 Palm River Road, Tampa, FL.

 For Thai people, here and in Thailand the Wat plays a number of roles. The Monks, as do leaders in other religions, play an important role in comforting people in times of distress ( funerals etc) as well as preside over other ceremonies. In Thailand it is not unusual for a young man to become a Monk for 3 months or more. The length of time that a man stays a Monk is variable. Becoming a Monk is another way to earn merit. It also increases the young man’s knowledge of the Buddhist way of life. This helps strengthen the young man’s concept service to others as well as strengthens the bond between generations.

In some cases the Wat also provides social services such as hosting schools and providing lodging for the homeless. For example, Wat Tampa offers a summer school program that teaches Thai reading and writing, Thai customs, and (depending on the teacher) other activities such as Thai dancing. To many Thai’s the Wat is central to their daily lives. While this is probably less true for Thai people living in the United States the fact that so many people come to the Wat in times of stress is testament to the central role that Buddhism and the Wat play in the lives of Thai people.

What an interesting place to walk around. A little corner of Thailand right here in Tampa. To see more activity the best time to visit is during the Sunday Market....

"WAT" is the term for a buddhist temple or monastery in Thailand or Cambodia.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hugo's Spanish Restaurant, Tampa, FL


Hugo & Angela Sanchez

Hugo's Spanish Restaurant was founded by Hugo and Angela Sanchez in the popular "SoHo District" of Tampa, Florida, in 1975. For nearly four decades, the Sanchez family has shared their traditional recipes with patrons from all over. 

In our search for the best Cuban Sandwich, Hugo's has made the list. Be sure to order a cuban, "all the way", pressed.