Monday, August 21, 2006

Kris Kristofferson Concert in Durango, CO

Kris Kristofferson concert was our 32nd Anniversary to each other. The guy can write songs but he's definitly no Waylon, Willie or any of the other singer "boys." Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The dancers costumes were wonderful. Members of the Ice Mountain Dance Group from San Jun Pueblo, NM in their eagle dance costumes and some members of the Aztec dance group in their very ornate costumes pose for Ted. Posted by Picasa

Apache Dancers Posted by Picasa

Jo, Ron & Jan are part of the crowd at the Ute Mountain Casino Pow Wow Posted by Picasa

Death dancer for the Aztec group Posted by Picasa

Aztec Dancers came to Pow Wow from New Mexico Posted by Picasa

Ice Mountain Dance Group at the Ute Mountain Casino Pow Wow Posted by Picasa

Bar D Chuckwagon Supper very good & organized....they can serve about 700 in 45 mins. Posted by Picasa

Bar D Wranglers put on a great western stage show with songs of cowboys & the old west and stories for the whole family. Posted by Picasa

Some people had to walk so the Bar D train could make it up the hill. Posted by Picasa

Larry, Jo, Ron, Ted & Jan (the Durango North KOA gang) hit the Bar D Chuckwagon Dinner & Show Posted by Picasa

Pinon Hill Golf Course in Farmington, NM Posted by Picasa

Lunch break at Vallecito Market & Mexican Cafe Posted by Picasa

Ron & Jo LaBree with Jan after Ted wrapped up fishing. Posted by Picasa

Ted fishing on one of the streams leading into Vallecito Resevoir. Posted by Picasa

Sunday afternoon at Vallecito Resevoir 20 miles from Durango. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Driving down 550 towards Durango we spotted this cow elk trying to figure out how to cross this busy highway. She eventually ran back into the field on here side of the road. Several have been hit and killed so this time she made the right choice. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 06, 2006

We have seen some strange sites during our travels in the Four Corners area. Exactly WHERE are we? Posted by Picasa

This one is called Stronghold House. It's right on the edge of the canyon wall. This is actually the upper story of a large pueblo, which now lies in rubble, built on the slope below.  Posted by Picasa

It's called the Twin Towers. circa 1000AD. You gotta wonder how they made the mortar as this area was bone dry. Posted by Picasa

The entrance to Hovenweep National Monument. Truly out in the middle of nowhere. Site of an early (1000AD ) Navaho civilization. Our knowledge of Navaho - was expanded including how to say "hello" in the native tongue - ya' at' eeh. So........ ya'at'ehh ya'll. Posted by Picasa

We encountered these range horses out for a stroll enroute to Hovenweep. We had to wait until they crossed in front of us and they were in no hurry - they owned the road. Posted by Picasa

From the four corners we headed West on Utah route 162 towards Hovenweep National Park. Not much skiing going on in this rather dry part of the country although the altitude was about 4600+ feet above sea level. Posted by Picasa

We're at the Four Corners National Monument. The area is run by the Navaho people and they charge$3.00 per person to see this marker. No charge to be photographed on it. Ted is standing in both Colorado and Utah while Jan is located in Arizona and New Mexico. "So near and yet so far away." Note how dry and desolate the surrounding area is.  Posted by Picasa

The story on Shiprock - was posted at the Four Corners Monument area. The shiprock was seen from the highway and is a 1700 foot geological monument Posted by Picasa