Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wavy FLag Bracelet

Another Jan project completed. The fluttering flag design is sewn into the bracelet.
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Squirmy Worm

Well becaue you asked here's the latest of Jan's creations - the Squirmy Worm Bracelet... She's now working on the Wavey Flag bracelet.
Jan beads - Ted golfs. Fair trade.
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Christmas at MacDill

The tree stands guard at the bayshore gate and is lite every night. You can see downtown Tampa in the background
Many of the campers at Raccoon Creek Campground have some sort of display at their campsite but this guy really gets into the spirit of Christmas. This one is in the annex about six sites up the road from our location.
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Monday, December 06, 2010

Xmas Display & Wake Up System

This photo displays under the yellow V the sound system that wakes us up, tells us when it's noon time and tells us when to go to bed. 6:24 or thereabouts we hear Reveille and some call to colors then somewhere that approximates 4:24 we hear the National Anthem. Somewhere around 10PM we hear taps ( if you're asleep you're now awake ) and that's it for the day.
One of our fellow campers had been working on this rather large and growing Christmas display ( lights and all ) until a power box near his site lit the adjacent palm tree on fire and about 10 sites - including this one - went dark. No telling when they'll be fixed but there was lots of scrambling to relocate into sites that had power. And that's an episode in the campers diary. We wern't in a "blacked" site.
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Friday, December 03, 2010

MacDill Cardboard Boat Regatta Race #1

The sun is out, its Friday and a GREAT day for a little friendly competition
This beach is located at MacDill AFB Marina area, which is also the location of the FamCamp. Our RV is located just a 10 minute bike ride from the beach.
Today there was a lot of excitement with cardboard box constructed boats racing for the Base Honors!
This is one of the few boats that made it across the finish line. Most of the boats sank.Posted by Picasa

MacDill AFB Cardboard Boat Races #2

What a beautiful day for a Boat Regatta on Tampa Bay!

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Beading Projects

With our move into our new rig and getting ready to move to our winter quarters my bead projects had been put on hold. Now that we are in one spot for awhile I have my beading table permanently setup.

I have been working on this bracelet since Thunder Bay. I'm now within an inch of completion, so went to a bead store here in Tampa & found a clasp which I think will work on this wider bracelet. I have more beading supplies on my Christmas wish list.Posted by Picasa

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving dinner in 2010 was at the MacDill "Diner's Reef" and as you can see the food was plentiful. Our meal set us back 17.50 ( total ) and it was excellent. We went over to a cul-de-sac gathering with all the neighbors and so we loaded up 2x that day - like we needed it...
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

MacDill Scenes

We're camped at the Annex at the Raccoon Creek ( MacDill AFB, Tampa,FL)
campground Nice site but lots of cockelburrs that the dogs just hate. We're not crazy over them either as we have to pull them out of Patches feet. Scout on the other hand does her own - nobody touches her paws.

The little white ^ points out our rig and you can see how close we are to
the golf course. Only downer is we parked ( unknowingly ) under an oak tree that constantly drops the acorns on our roof top. No damage done as they're small but annoying to listen to.

Saw these wood storks lounging on the golf course. Thank you Paynes for the id on these rather ugly birds.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Last Mayport Photos

Couldn't resist adding these last 3 three photos. The USCG Ship Tahoma was going out to sea just in front of our camp site. Almost too white to look at.

This barge amazed us with how many 18 wheel trailers had both inside and on top of the rig. It's a wonder it is even able to stay afloat.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Windy day in Mayport

We have had two days of heavy winds - so much so that the motor home was even rocking. Very surprised when we looked out our window to see this sailboat out for a trip around the harbor. As you can see there were some serious waves breaking over the seawall on the sailboats starboard side. They were either crazy or really brave in our estimation.
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more Mayport scenes

Again, from in front of our rig we shot these two photos... Great scenes out our front window but even clearer when not taken through the windshield.

While Ted says he was never homeported in Mayport he remembers coming and going on these great grey mobile homes.... Mostly being gone from his homeport.
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Hisoric Mayport Village

Went out to lunch at the Safe Harbor Restaurant in Mayport Village. This is out the back gate area of NavSta Mayport. Had a 20 minute wait before our order was taken and then was another 15 minutes before the food arrived but it was excellent

Our table aforded us a nice view or the water and these tied up shrimpers.

This shrimper was looking a little worn out but the pelicans were guarding it to ensure it didn't sink.

And this ws our table. You can see the nose of the "old shrimper" in the upper right hand corner. We should have included photos of our order - a basket of shrimp, a basket of calamari, a basket of oysters and a clam cake. We amused ourselves with a wine cooler and a beer waiting for the feast to arrive and it was worth the wait.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our new to us Class A

Photos were taken the day we took the big leap! Our new baby is a 2010 Winnebago Tour (40 foot, diesel pusher). Now Jan can ride with Ted & be the navigator, instead of following behind driving the car. We are still adjusting to "where did we put that?"
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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Naval Station, Mayport, FL

Here's three photos from our rig at Pelican Roost CG, NAS Mayport, FL.
Shot this photo standing at the front of the rig looking towards the chanel. We're located about 300 yards from the rocks so great views of the ships coming in and departing Mayport
We had what will probably be an every night sunset. Great colors over the ships at the various piers.
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