Thursday, December 31, 2015

"Taste of Boston" on New Years Eve

Had a late lunch, early dinner at one of our favorite spots---Taste of Boston,  located at Ballast Point in Tampa.

Finished off 2015 with a little of New England...... a lobster roll and fried claims with bellies

Went later thinking we would miss the crowds, but everyone had the same idea...beautiful weather and holiday tourists made for a busy restaurant.

Ballast Point views...

Downtown Tampa from Ballast Point...

Monday, December 28, 2015

Casper's Puerto Rican Christmas with the Brau Family

Santa Casper with Brau's Christmas Tree

Cameron, Elise and Casper, spent the holidays with Elise's Family in San Juan, Puerto, Rico.
(top left to right) Julian, Eileen, & Julio
(bottom left to right) Erin, Cameron, Elise and Casper

Elise with Casper in one of his many outfits....

Pre-Christmas concert...

There was just to much excitement for Santa Casper!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Macdill Famcamp Christmas 2015

Ed and Linda deep fried turkey for the gang....

Everyone brought something to share and with good conversation Christmas dinner was excellent.  The weather was unseasonable warm (89 degrees with high humidity), so short sleeves and hats where the order of the day.

Picture of our house in Ocala, FL with live oak tree. Tree will soon be removed and replaced with palm tree below and decorative rocks.

Sylvester palm and landscape rock, was our Christmas gift to ourselves to be planted in January 2016 in front yard of our Ocala home.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Walt Matzkes Four Pianos Holiday Experience

The Christmas Season has arrived at "On Top of the World" and with it a great holiday concert featuring Walt Matzkes Four Pianos out of the Holland, Michigan area.

Holiday lights at the Circle Square Center.....

Sue and Art's Christmas house on 83rd Loop....

Walt Matzkes Four Pianos Concert at Circle Square Cultural Center, Ocala, FL


Four master pianists on four grand pianos perform brilliant arrangements of classical, Broadway and pop favorites, movie themes and in this case Holiday Favorites. 
Conductor/Producer Walt Matzke
Four Pianists: Charles Aschbrenner, Jenine Bird, Katha Petrolje and Bryan Uecker

The purpose of Four Pianos is to provide local musicians and artists with opportunities to use their talents and abilities to enrich the community. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Independence of the Seas" Docks in Fort Lauderdale at Port Everglade

Port Everglade from our balcony......

Got through luggage pickup and customs with no problem, but the bus that was to return us to the Melbourne area broke down on the way to Fort Lauderdale. We we traveling with the MOA group, so we all waited 2 + hours for the replacement bus.

Once the bus arrived the return trip continued with no hitches and were at the Indian River Colony Club by about 3 pm.  For us we still had a several hour trip back to Tampa, but made it back to Macdill AFB right a 5 pm and actually missed most of the Tampa rush hour traffic. Thus the end of our great cruise adventure 2015.

"Independence of the Seas" Last Sea Day Dec 2015 Cruise

Ship offered demo on how to make towel animals... 

Delvin, made a different towel animal for us each day...wish we could have brought them home with us.

Last day had a great time spending our ship's credit....

Our last sea day we had the best weather of the cruise.  The sun came out and the Caribbean was beautiful! 

A tropical drink to top off the cruise...

Alhambra Theater and last night farewell show... 

Independence of the Seas orchestra 

Staff and crew farewell