Thursday, July 14, 2016

St Anthony Hospital Metro Denver and Ted's Stay

Ted leaving Middle Park Medical Center heading for St Anthony Hospital in Lakewood, CO. Ted had gone to Middle Park MC several times during our first week in Grand Lake thinking he was having a hard time adjusting to the altitude this year. However, symptoms were showing something much more serious.

Ambulance leaving Granby, CO with Ted aboard.....

St Anthony's Hospital, Lakewood, CO, where Ted started his stay on the 4th floor.

Ted in his pre-operation room with his new dance partner. Diagnosis:  Ted needs a new heart value and a bypass. In other words, open heart surgery.  Remember Ted's on going cough(5+ years)...well that was a symptom of his heart problem. Thanks to the Colorado Doctors for finally figuring out his problem. Having visited Doctors across the country trying to find out why he was coughing, thank heavens we were in the right place at the right time. 

View from Ted's 4th floor room....

Ted's nursing angels!

Joshua Cross, PA-C of Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery Associates was Ted's helping hand after surgery. Ted's Cardiothoracic Surgeon was Patrick Rudersdorf, MD and team. (never did get Dr Rudersdorf's photo)

Jonathan Degner, PA-C and Lanette Bringham, Heart Nurse guided Ted's recovery and followup treatment.
Thanks to the whole team at Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery Associates in Lakewood, CO! 

Ted is now continuing his recovery at our favorite summer location Elk Creek Campground, Grand Lake, CO. It will be a very slow process and no golf for at least 6 mos.