Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dave and Carolyn's Visit

We enjoyed another nice meal at Mustachio's....

Then Dave and Carolyn treated us to ice cream....

Ice Cream!!! Just what we needed!!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Monday, July 07, 2014

Grand Lake, Colorado "4th of July Firework Display Cut Short!"

Fireworks investigator confirms faulty shell at fault in July 4 Grand Lake fireworks explosion...

The fireworks supplier for Grand Lake’s Fourth of July fireworks show confirms one faulty shell was responsible for an explosion that prematurely ended the show.  The "Grand Finally" barge caught on fire and sank into Grand Lake mid way through the traditional 4th of July fireworks display Friday night. Fortunately no one was injured.   

Mustachio's on Lake Granby for Dinner on the 4th of July

We had an early reservation at Mustachio's so got a great table on the outside deck overlooking Lake Granby. Unfortunately you can see clouds forming up in the back ground....we were fine until our diner was served. 

We continued our "40 year anniversary celebration" with Bill and Nancy Graham on the deck at Mustachio's with drinks and wonderful Italian  food!

David and Lisa Pratt opened Mustachio's several years ago on the shores of Lake Granby and they offer a nice mix of Italian and American dishes. In the same building they also operate a Bed and Breakfast... 

This was our table after the storm hit. Luckily there was still room for us at an inside table.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

4th of July Visit With Nancy and Bill Graham or "40 Year Anniversary Celebration"!

Nancy Graham and Jan were teaching buddies with DOD Overseas Dependent Schools in Okinawa, Japan in the early 1970's. A banner year was 1974 (40 years ago) when four of our friend group met and married our husbands.  So Nancy, Bill, Jan and Ted celebrated our collective Forty Year Anniversaries in Grand Lake, CO on July 4th. 

This big fellow decided to join the celebration!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Great Grandfather Tim Whitcomb's House in St Paul, MN

My cousin, Burke Maxey and his wife, Karen, made a trip to St Paul, MN to find the house where our Grandfather Harry Whitcomb was born in 1886.

Harry was born, 2 Jul 1886, to Timothy and Catherine L. (McGuire) Whitcomb, the daughter of Patrick and Belle (Murphy) McGuire. Timothy Whitcomb was born at Edgerton, WI. He was employed by the railway, and later came to Montana and conducted a store at Whitcomb, MT; then ran a stageline between Dodson and Zortman, MT, and made his home in Dodson. He died in 1910, age 53, at Malta, MT. Children: Harry S., Charles L. (Phillipsburg, MT); Grace L. (Mrs. William Trout, Dallas, TX); Grant T. (Phillips county, MT).

Harry grew up in Milwaukee and came to Whitcomb, MT in 1906 and gained business training at his uncle's milling properties in Whitcomb and Zortman. Later he worked for the Ruby Gulch Mining Company, Whitcomb; the August at Landusky, and Beaver Creek at Zortman. In 1914, he was elected county commissioner and made his home in Malta, MT. As an insurance man, he was district agent for Guaranteed Fund Life Association of Omaha.

On 28 Dec 1910, Fort Benton, MT, Harry married Miss Florence Morrow, born at Fort Benton, daughter of Malcolm and Mary A. (Travis) Morrow. Her father, an early settler and rancher near Fort Benton, was a native of Scotland who came to Montana from Denver, CO.