Monday, December 22, 2008

Grandma Foster Dec 2008


Grandma openned her Christmas gifts a few days early during a visit from Elaine and Bruce Edwards. Thank you Bruce for the great photos.
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Way Down South in the Land of Cotton...

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We are on a plantation!!!
Cotton fields were our view out our back window when we first arrived at Brickyard Plantation RV & Golf Club. We were entertained for several days watching the harvesting of this years crop. The final product...the huge bails weigh over 8,000 lbs

Lake Side Campsite at Brickyard

As we said, Scout now has a lake to swim in directly in front of our rig. Jan is outside with her playing lifeguard. This lake wasn't there when we first arrived - only dry dusty conditions with the cotton waiting to be harvested.
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Brickyard Plantation

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Conditions were dry in Americus when we first arrived but we have just gone through a three day heavy rain that created puddles and even a small pond right outside our doorway. The main pond with fish in it can be seen off to the upper right distance in the "wet" photo but the close in pond is at least 18 inches deep and Scout has to swim to cross it.