Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lucy's Grand Lake Visit

Our friend, Lucy, flew into Denver to see her son, Curtis. Lucy, Curtis and Kari, then were able to send the weekend with us in Grand Lake.

Curtis wanted to try his hand at fishing the Colorado River...

Curtis wetting his line at the spillway between Shadow Mountain Lake and Lake Granby...

Lucy enjoying the Colorado sunshine and the upper Colorado River.

We had a great visit and were able to catch up on all the news from Kingsport, TN.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Estes Park Golf Outing for the Grand Lake Men's Club

Ted traveled with the Grand Lake Golf Men's Club to challenge their counterparts in Estes Park.

It was an early morning for the guys. The group left Grand Lake at 6 AM for the 40 mile drive over Trail Ridge Road to Estes Park. The early hour made for some great photos from the top.
Rocky Mountain National Park has the highest paved roads in any National Park in the United States. Trail Ridge Road crests at 12,183 feet. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Elk Creek Campground Happenings

MagChloride is sprayed on the roads throughout Grand Lake to keep the dust down.

The Hummers are back in force and always hungry. 

New bus service in Grand Lake.....

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Elk Creek Campground Neighbors....

Mom and the twins are back. 

This moose family really enjoys eating the willow bushes in our campsite. The twins have, of course, grown over the winter. Their appetite shows they are still busy growing... 

Mom still is staying very close by...

Young male in meadow behind our campsite...

Shadow Mountain Lake Spillway

Shadow Mountain Lake spillway is also part of the Colorado River release program.

This is a great fishing spot, but with the water release there is minor flooding along the river banks....

Ted and Jan just below the Shadow Mt spillway area with the flooding Colorado River behind us.

Colorado River Spillway At Lake Granby....Spilling & Thrilling

Lake Granby is spilling. The water release is part of the Coordinated Reservoirs Operations Program, an effort to help endangered fish near Grand Junction, CO.

The releases at Lake Granby (headwaters area of Colorado River) started at 1,000 cubic feet per second (7,480 gals/sec) and will increase to 1,800 cfs (13,465 gals/sec).

Similar water releases from Green Mountain, Williams Fork and Wolford Mountain reservoirs have been increased as well.

Normal operations will resume around June 10th.

The high flows are causing minor flooding in the Granby area and down stream in Hot Sulphur Springs.