Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gold Hill and Lefthand, Colorado

Jan and I took a drive up to Gold Hill, Colorado - a mining town where we had our prewedding dinner back in 1974. The place hasn't changed a lick other than the barely survived a huge fire that ravaged all around them in early Sept. The landmark school ( see photo ) was the town pride and joy and it made the national news.
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Sorghum field in Kansas along Interstate 70

Traveling from TN to Colorado we stopped alongside one of many sorghum fields in production. This was in Kansas and it seems to be a popular a crop as wheat. What's the world coming to?
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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Fire Lake Camper Park

Right along US 6 and in Bowling Green, OH we found a nice park for the night. They have 3 pull through sites which we guess are for travelers like us - otherwise the lake is surrounded by seasonals of every age and description. Not a bad park but for us only W/E. We off to find an eating joint at this point. Next stop Lexington's Kentucky Horse Park.
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Mosque on I-75 South

Traveling along I-75 South about six miles outside of Bowling Green, Ohio we spied this huge mosque along side of the highway. It certainly is something not easily missed.
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Monday, September 06, 2010

Final Day at Thunder Bay Resort





Woody decided he wanted to take one last tour of the resort. He thought riding an elk was a great idea. Our little traveling companion has been all across the USA with us and he wanted his photo taken here at Thunder Bay Golf and RV Resort as we wind up our 6th campworking season.
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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sod Project on Thunder Bay #11

Why would anyone be interested in a sod project. Perhaps because Ted while mowing on a misty morning didn't notice the hydrolic fluid leak untl he had made two passes during his weekend morning greens mowing session. Hydrolic fluid kills grass and so we had a serious 7 hour workoug cutting out the old dead sod and replacing with the new. Since Ted caused the problem he figured he should help fix it - and record it on the blog since it was such a memorable event.
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Evening Outdoor Concert & Campfire





We have as part of our duties been called to set up an evening campfire and concert for the guests. This one was on a 90 degree evening - so warm that the chocolate for the smores melted inside the packages. Anyhow the guests seemed to enjoy the event and we'll probably do it again. At least we don't have to go far from our home to set things up.
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White Pine National GC, Hubbard Lake MI

The men at Thunder Bay travel to various courses on Tuesday AM and play a scramble. Ted decided to go with them and we ended up at White Pine National. It's a beautiful course in a "ritzy" well healed part of Michigan. Lots of $$ around. Had a great time even though the 18 holes were painfully slow - 5 hours and 15 minutes.
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