Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning 2007

Wicket helped Jan open her gifts
The twins Joe and Cameron
Max doesn't seem to be interested in his gift....
Scout wants to know where is her next gift????
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Christmas Eve 2007 with Grandma Foster

Christmas Eve at Preston Place with Grandma Foster. Top photo with Joe(Colby's BF), Colby, Kari, Gypies(house dog), Grandma Foster, Cameron and Jan.
The Tennesse Foster Clan...Colby, Grandma Foster, Kari, (front row) ..Ted, Jan and Cameron(top row)
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Last Campfire in Crossville

Jan and Wicket are enjoying our last night around the campfire at the Cumberland Mountain State Park. We enjoyed the warmth as it did get down to about 20 degrees at night and a fire was a great way to end the day. Even Wicket enjoyed it but she'd enjoy sitting in the rain as long as she could be close to Jan.
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Tennessee Golf

This is the entrance to the Cumberland Mountain Golf Course. It's owned by the state along with 4 other Nicholas signature / designed courses. If the other 4 courses are anything like this one, then there is some spectacular and challenging golf throughout the state.
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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bear Trace Jack Nicholas Golf Course

Third Hole at the fantastic Bear Trace ( a Jack Nicholas designed golf course ) in Crossville, TN. The greens, fairways, sand bunkers - everything was in perfect condition and as you can see, not too crowded for some great golf.
This is the courses "signature" hole - #7. You can see my drive in the lower part of the photo. Jan will attest to the fact that I was in the fairway. My next shot hit to the left of the most distant bunker, spun back across the green and landed at the bottom of the left hand bunker.

The bottom photo is me trying to figure out what I hit to cause the ball to go to the sand trap in the middle of the picture. When I was in the trap, my head was below the green and while I did get out in one shot, needless to say I didn't make par. GREAT FUN... I highly recommend this golf course as a must play at least once if you enjoy golf.

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Scenes at Cumberland Mtn State Park

Out for a bike ride on a beautiful Fall day....
Bridge over what is now a dried up lake. The bridge is being repaired. The drought is being felt throughout this part of TN
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Cumberland Mtn State Park, Crossville, TN

Our campsite at Cumberland Mountian State Park. The Park has 150 sites most are W/E, but there are 14 full hookups. This is the off season, so no trouble getting a full hookup site.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Colby, Kari & Cameron boating on the TN River

Colby, Kari and Cameron enjoying a beautiful day
Kari and Max
Cameron and Colby wave boarding.....
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Friday, October 05, 2007

Two Displays at Hall of Fame

The Monday Night Football story. They also have a huge Madden interactive football game section.

This one is for my buddy Marlin. Sorry Marlin, the Patriots - not the Cowboys have the record for the longest winning streak - so says the folks at the Football Hall of Fame......boo hoo
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All the football greats

The football Hall of Fame honors their inductees with full sized bronze busts. Here's just a few of the honorees.

A close up of one of my favorites. Tennessee native and fearsome competitor - the late Reggie White.
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Jim Thorpe and Early Football Histsory

Upon entering the hall you are greeted with this boronze statue of Jim Thorpe, listed as the first commissioner of football. Jan is in the background checking out his likeness.

Lots of history of the game including photos of the first paid player.
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Pro Football Hall of Fame, Canton, OH

We traveled to the Pro Football Hall of Fame from NY through PA and into OH. Our traveling companions the Howze's are avid football fans so this was a must stop.
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Horseshoe Falls

Now this is impressive. 675,000 gallons of water going over the falls per second in the summertime. The drop distance is 167 feet and the falls span is 2500 feet. This is also the section of falls that the daredevils perfer when they launch themselves. There are two other falls - American and Bridal . There isn't enough cash or tea in China to get us to consider going over any of the 3 falls One guy tried to go over with a jet ski and parachute. They found the jet ski but they never found him. There is some great fishing below the falls and downriver.
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Mist Rainbow and No Smoking

From the Hurricane Deck at Cave of the winds you can see the rainbow created by Bridal Falls. Canada is to the left across the Niagara River
From the Hurricane Deck you see this No Smoking sign. Must be a joke cause there was so much water hitting you standing there that even a gasoline fire would probably be extinguished and forget trying to light a cigarette. Impossible.
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Bridal Veil Falls and Cave of the Winds

Bridal Veil Falls from the scaffoldiing the leads up on the scaffold to the Cave of the Winds

A close up of Bridal Falls. Geologists say that 700 years ago Niagara Falls was one large falls. Now there are three distinct falls.

Jan getting wet at the foot of the Cave of the Winds below Bridal Falls. If you look over her left shoulder you can see the tip of the observation platform jutting out over the falls. If you're afraid of heights you won't want to look down from this vantage point.
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