Saturday, August 30, 2008

Family Portrait

A couple of family photos taken at the entrance and inside Rocky Mountain National Park on 23 August 08. To bad Cameron - working in NY - wasn't with us to complete the shot. In about 24 hours Kari is flying out to Honduras for her big two week adventure. Safe travels Kari.
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Michael and Kari

Here's Michael and Kari showing their hiking style - pretty crazy - as they are about to so off to Honduras with their cameras, ideas and non-profit organizatioan plans. Watch out South America - "THEY"RE COMING".
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Visit from the Kids

Colby, Kari and Michael Peters came up to Elk Creek Campground to see us before Kari and Michael departed for Honduras on their big adventure. We had a nice lunch and then set off for some Grand Lake sight seeing.
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34th Anniversary Celebration

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We celebrated our 34th together at Pancho and Lefty's in Grand Lake Colorado - Had a great table with a view of the lake on this cool day in the mountains - 17 August. Great Meal and wonderful company.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rand, CO




Someone in Rand has a great sense of humor....small town along Hyw 125
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First Snow of August



Scenes along Colorado State Highway 125 on August 16th
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What a difference a day makes!



The first day rain and a rainbow, by August 16th we had the first snow of the season. The snow has closed Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park for the last three may reopen on Monday.
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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mother Moose & her two babies




During Nancy and Bill's visit, also had a visit from Mother and Babies.....we continue to have wild life visit the campground...the last several night we have seen evidence of a bear & the dumpster was torn up last night????
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Old Friends


We had a wonderful visit from Nancy and Bill Graham, friends from our days in Okinawa. Bill and Nancy now live in Oklahoma and stopped in to catch up on old times. They have an RV, so where able to spend a couple of nights with us here at Elk Creek.
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