Friday, April 29, 2016

Fused Glass with Terry Andrews at "Master the Possibilities"

Terry Andrews is a native Floridian from the Tampa area, Terry Andrews pursued a career in music through 1994. Always having an interest in glass, he began to dabble with the medium first through blown glass and lamp work glass, creating large, flat and carved glass sculptures. His most recent work has evolved to include the use of copper and fused glass. The fusing happens in a kiln, then the fused pieces are used as accents on the formed, cut and welded copper structures. Some are decorated with lamp work glass to create more whimsical treasures.

Work station at the Master the Possibilities studio...

Jan's beginning fused glass class work using stack method. Above are unfired pieces and below are pieces after firing...coasters, yard stake, and slumped spoon holder

Intermediate pieces made with bullseye and dichroic glass include yard stake, jewelry pieces, and coaster set.

Fused glass is glass that has been fired (heat-processed) in a kiln at a range of high temperatures from 593 °C (1,099 °F) to 816 °C (1,501 °F). 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Harry's Grille on the Ocala Square with Linda and Ned

Harry's motto "Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez
(Let the Good Times Roll)
A taste of New Orleans in downtown Ocala on the Square

If your hungry for crawfish etouffee, shrimp creole, jambalaya or a po'boy sandwich Harry's is the place to come!

Harry's is one of Ned and Linda's favorite places to eat. Thanks for asking us to join you!

On Ocala Square statues of horses to remind us that Marion County is the "Horse Capital of the World"

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"Master the Possibilities" Lampwork Bead Class with Terry Andrews

(above Jan's sample beads)
Lampwork Beads are handmade glass beads. These special beads are crafted using a centuries-old process called lampworking. Rods of colorful glass are melted in a special torch and the molten glass is then wound around a steel rod, forming a basic bead. The hot bead can then be embellished using a variety of techniques and materials, creating unique and one-of-a-kind beads.

The term "lampwork" refers to the source used to heat the glass. In the old days oil lamps were used as the heat source, thus the term "Lampwork".

Terry supervises as Sandy practices with the torch and glass... Thanks, Terry, for give us a very good introduction to the lampwork process.

Some of our sample beads....

Renee is getting the hang of it.  Process is much harder than it looks...Practice, practice, practice...

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rob Caudill Sings the Music of Rod Stewart

Attended another great concert last night at the Circle Square Cultural Center part of the "On Top of the World" Community in Ocala, FL.

People stop Rob Caudill in airports for autographs. They stare at him in restaurants. And when he struts on stage, people scream themselves hoarse. Why? Caudill is a dead-on Rod Stewart Impersonator. With spiky blonde hair and bright red or yellow coats, this Vegas based singer has carved out a 15 year career recreating Rod Stewart. From kicking out soccer balls and spinning mic stands in his high energy show to belting out all of Rod's greatest hits.

Rob had us rocking in the aisles with such Rod Stewart songs as "Maggie May", "Forever Young", "You're in my Heart",  "Have I Told You Lately" and many more. Rob entertained for almost 2 1/2 hrs. He really put on a great show! 

Abshier Blueberry Farm with Linda and Ned

The blueberries are in!! Our friends, Linda and Ned, from Melbourne, FL area, were in for a visit, so took them on a picking tour.

Abshier Blueberry Farm opened for the season this weekend and the picking was great.

We picked over 7 lbs, which we hope will last us until next year. Some of the berries were as big as the end of your thumb.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Jan's Birthday Surprise!

Kari(Denver), Colby, Joe & Stella(Burlington, VT) and Cameron & Elise(Washington DC) all flow into Ocala to surprise me on my birthday this past weekend...

Our Granddaughter, Stella, and I share April 16th as our Birthdays.
Stella , now 2,  had great fun opening up her presents.

Nona Jan, got to supervise and take care of Tuco and our grand puppy, Casper.

Family putt putt golf challenge!!

We enjoyed beautiful weather at the Candler Hills pool....

and, of course, we had an "ice cream" birthday cake! Enjoyed by ALL!

Out for Sunday breakfast at Reds...

Weather was great, so we made good uses of our outdoor court yard.

Pinch Pot Bird at "Master the Possibilities"

 What a fun class taught by Denise Meyer at On Top of the World Communities "Master the 
Possibilities" program in Ocala, FL.

Here are a few of our zany birds before firing. As you can see they are all unique, with everyone designing their own crazy tails, eyes, feet, beaks, and wings.

Jan's owl getting it's 3 coats of glaze.

All our bird friends waiting for their last firing...

Jan's completed "one of a kind" owl bowl....The yellow glaze is "food" safe, so I could use this for my nightly ice cream!