Monday, June 28, 2010

First Loss at Thunder Bay

We met a really neat couple that acted like they could really stand to be with us.... at least to be with Ted
Dave is an electrical engineer but as we reported in the photo, he forgets the words to the songs he sings.. That's OK - he's old and we expect that.

Becky keeps Dave organized.

Was very sad to see them decide to move on. We understand that they had "puny" tomatoes and guess they knew they couldn't "compete". Never the less, we'll miss their songs and stories. We'll visit them in Ft Meyers in the winter - hopefully.
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bugs, Bikers & "Beasties"

While out and about we saw this colorful catipillar out for a stroll.

On the same trip we found this colorfully garbed biker enjoying a ride towards Presque Isle on a humid and sunny day on Lake Huron's western coast.

And then we came across 5 baby skunks out foraging for a meal. As you can see we saw them up close and they couldn't care less that we were nearby. We had to ensure that both Scout and Patches kept their distance.
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New Presque Isle lighthouse

As you drive to see the New Presque Isle Lighthouse one see lots of bike tour folk because the scenery is great and they have very nice bike paths in this part of Michigan.
This newer light house has been around since 1870 and is located on the western shore of Lake Huron.
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Old Presque Isle Lighthouse

This is the story behind one of the oldest surviving lighthouses on the Great Lakes. It was completed in 1840 for a $5,000.00 congressional appropriation. Wonder how many cost over-runs they put up with before it was put into service.
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Old Presquile Lighthouse

Sometime after the end of the Civil War and before 1890 this light house was built to protect those rugged men ( and women ) who saild the Great Lakes. This is one of the many houses that protect seafarers. Our info on this house is house is limited because we're too lazy to look up more data and because we didn't find a marquee with more info. Enjoy the photos

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Forty Mle Lighthouse

The historical marker pretty much tells the whole story of this 1896 structure. Inside are lots of artifacts of the times when both civilians and the USCG manned this station.

The beach in front of this National Register lighthouse is nice white fluffy sand.

This stucture saw many a wreck during the many years in which it was in service. There are newspaper articles inside that lighthouse that attest to the need for this structure.
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Vicinity of The Forty Mile Lighthouse

It ws a sweltering day and we all took a walk through the shaded lighthouse campground and then down to the beach so Patches and Scout could have a swim. They had a wonderful time and we enjoyed the break from driving.

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Light House laudry goods

In the basement of the Forty Mile Lighthouse we found on display these old washers and soap products. While we can't remember all of the washing machines - the laundry soaps we can recall on store shelves. Gads, we must be really old. You too if you remember any of this stuff
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His name is Silverfox and he was passing through the resort and the owner offered him and his wife, an elk viewing ride and dinner. To show his appreciation, he put on a one hour concert. He plays the wooden flute and his music is quite haunting and most excellent.
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chet's Habit play in "The Barn" at Thunder Bay Golf & RV Resort, Hillman, MI

L-R Rod Lister, "Doc" Bungavoo and Chet Fletcher rocked the barn with a free saturday night concert at the resort.

Some great toe tapping music that just called the attendees to get up and dance --- and they did.

Thunder Bay Resort guest Cher Warnock sang "Crazy" with the band during an open mike session and she was terrific.
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Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center in Alpena, Michigan

Jan at the back entrance of the Heritage Center sponsored by Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary where you explore the Shipwreck Century on the Great Lakes.
"Western Hope of Alpena" is a life-size replica of a 19th-century schooner battling a Great Lakes storm. You walk the deck of the schooner and experience the storm.

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First Ship to be sunk on the Lakes

To avoid Niagara Fall the GRIFFON sailed from Lake Erie on 7 August 1697. Once on Lake Huron she encountered a storm ( 18 September ) that tore through the lakes. As history records the GRIFFON was lost forever somewhere between Lake Erie and Lake Huron becoming the first ship presumed sunk on the Great Lakes.
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Steamer Pewabic

Another ship in the Lake Huron/Thunder Bay Ship graveyard.
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